Monday, March 2, 2009

South Haven Weekend -- TONS of Photos!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in South Haven. It was so nice to get away for the weekend!

We drove out on Friday afternoon, and took Bella down to the beach to play. She hadn't been to the beach since she was a little puppy, so it was fun to see her run around in the sand.

Travis and I went out to dinner that night at a local restaurant. My salad was HUGE!

On Saturday afternoon Noah and Alison joined us at the condo. It was so great to see them. Their wedding is coming up fast and we were so glad they could come and spend a fun weekend with us before the madness of their wedding preparations set in!

Alison and I headed into town to peruse all the little boutiques. Meanwhile, the guys went down to the beach on an "arctic adventure." They walked out onto the frozen lake which was probably not completely safe, but resulted in some amazing photos...

We rested up at the condo that afternoon, with Bella enjoying her new toy and special dog cookie I picked up at the doggy boutique in town... (yes, yes, she is spoiled!)

That evening we headed out for some delicious pizza, and some sort-of pathetic games of pool. Let's just say that none of us are pool sharks! Many adult beverages and much fun were had!

The next morning we headed to Cousins for a very-bad-for-you breakfast. Is there anything better than a greasy breakfast after a late night? I don't think so! Delicious!

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks Alison and Noah - for spending it with us! We can't wait for your wedding!

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Katie Faye said...

Great pictures! Looks like all of you had an awesome time - even Bella! :)