Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!

This week has been a challenging one for a variety of reasons -- and I woke up this morning to SNOW (and you know how I feel about that!) -- so I'm trying to stay positive and think happy thoughts!

Here are some things I'm absolutely LOVING right now...

1) My animals - they are all three such snugglers

2) American Idol - I know, I know! Cliche! I haven't followed it in several years but this time I'm hooked. I'm loving Adam - he is amazing.

3) Our upcoming trip to Austin - two weeks from tomorrow! Can't wait to get out of town and spend some time in a sunny state!

4) Crafty things - check out my craft blog HERE to see my latest projects.

5) Alison's Wedding - it's coming up on April 25. I'm a bridesmaid and we're getting into the thick of last minute details and showers, parties, etc. So much fun!

6) My hubby - he's a great man.

7) BEOGA - the great Irish band that performed on Monday night as a fundraiser for GAAH. Such a great group! I need to check and see if they are available on i-tunes...

8) Blogging - obviously! It's such a great outlet for me.

9) Running - yes, you read correctly! Bella and I went out for my first run in almost a year yesterday. It was hard, it was short, and I'm incredibly sore, but I feel great about it.

10) My $6 sweatpants from Old Navy. I love clearance sales! Trav makes fun of them because they are bright blue - but hey, they were $6, and they are super comfy!

So what are YOU loving right now?

And because I'm craving summertime so much - I decided to whip out and share a few of my favorite photos from LAST summer. Enjoy!

Summer Days (and nights!) in South Haven...

Our perfect beach wedding on Lake Michigan...

Honeymooning in St. Thomas...

A great trip to Washington DC to see Tim and Stacy...

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Katie Faye said...

Yeah! Another American Idol watcher! Justin and I watch it faithfully :) Danny is our favorite right now, and we also love Alexis!

My "happy things" are pretty similar to yours. Animals just make life better, don't they?

Happy Hump Day!