Friday, March 13, 2009


You may remember that I was having a rough week? Well kudos to Travis for being a super-awesome husband and surprising me mid-week with flowers. What a great guy!

Note the "zen garden" office in the background? It's coming along! I'm done with the green walls, and my first coat of the white ceiling. Now it's time for a second ceiling coat, some touch ups, and the trim. I'm hoping to finish this weekend - so I'll be sure to post pictures.


Katie Faye said...

Ooooh, pretty! Yay for thoughtful husbands! :-)

Jamie Lynn said...

As a quick, "Did you know?" comment, if you remove the fuzzy, pollen-filled stamens from lilies it extends their cut flower life significantly. Although, it can be messy... So I would encourage the use of a tissue or rubber glove while doing this. I know at this point... It's a bit late. But maybe for next time! I am sure he will get you flowers again!! ^_^