Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting With The Program

I started my masters degree(Masters in Public Administration & Non-Profit Leadership) back in late summer of 2007. I took classes that summer, and the following fall and winter. I took spring and summer of 2008 off for the wedding. I took fall off because I started my current job at GAAH. I took this winter/spring off because... well, you get the picture. I've fallen off the bandwagon a little bit.

In my defense, I've had a lot going on in my life! Not to mention the fact that I'm enrolled a WMU, which is now a good hour and fifteen minutes from my house. I hate driving in the snow, so taking classes during the wintertime is pretty much not an option for me.

So, I've 95% decided that I'm going to transfer to GVSU and finish my degree there. Not only are all of the classes in the program available at their downtown campus - about 5 minutes from my house - but they will (providing there are no glitches) transfer all of my current credits. Now, GVSU's program is a lot newer and therefore a little less-esteemed, but at this point an MPA is and MPA, right? Let's just get 'er done!

On a completely unrelated note, I signed up for Weight Watchers Online this week. I know, I know, a little dorky. I've done Weight Watchers several times before - and it's worked really well for me, and while I've been trying to improve my eating habits and lifestyle choices - I feel like I'm at the point where I need a little bit of a push, some guidelines, and some accountability. It's kind of cliche I know, because so many people are on the dieting / Weight Watchers / South Beach / whatever bandwagon with it being Spring and the weather getting better and all, but hey - c'est la vie!


Katie Faye said...

My husband and I are doing Weight Watchers together right now! I lost 4 lbs in the first week.. it's a great program! :)

Good luck with everything.. your plan sounds excellent!

Erinn said...

A lot of teachers have had good success with Weight Watchers. Especially if you eat of a lot of those "no point" food items. Go vegetables!