Friday, March 27, 2009

We Made It! (Austin Day One)

Despite some delayed flights (Tim) and a bad case of food poisoning (Travis) - we all made it safely to Austin. It's 1AM central time, and I'm EXHAUSTED!

While at the airport in Detroit, Trav and I had fun in the light/music tunnel between concourses -- it was like a disco in there!

Travis and I landed at about 9:30PM and met up with Will...

(view from the airplane - the lights were so pretty!)

We took our bags back to his apartment, which is a great set-up for him, by the way. Nice size, everything he needs.

After relaxing for a little bit we headed back to the airport to grab Tim. We had all made it!

Now the boys are watching the Chappelle show (ugh!) to wind down for the night (we attempted to go get Will a birthday beer but nothing was open...) and I will be asleep on the futon in a matter of minutes.


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