Monday, March 9, 2009

House Updates

Boy, if every weekend could be as productive as this one was - I would be a rock star!

On Saturday, I completely cleaned the basement (the finished part of it, that is - considering the dirt part is a bit of a disaster!) and reorganized my craft room. I've got lots of projects coming up so I'm going to need a clean space in which to get them done! I then cleaned the kitchen (let's see if we can keep it this way for more than a day or so...) before Trav and I set out to Lowes for some home-improvement fun.

We purchased some more seed starter kits. We were a little paranoid about them first ones we had drying out, so we were a little over-zealous with the watering. Needless to say they got moldy and we had to throw them away. They were, however, growing -- so it's safe to say we're not completely lacking green thumbs! For the original "growing things" post, click HERE.

Yesterday I was a cleaning machine. I vacuumed the entire house and even got down with the spot-lifter and cleaned the carpets. Travis put together a shelving unit for the upstairs bathroom, and was on laundry duty, while I primed and began painting the office. Bella, as always, wanted to help. She ended up looking a bit like a Dalmatian...

The ceiling will be white and the walls green -- the color is called "zen garden" (who comes up with these names?!) I think it's going to make this little nook seem a lot bigger and brighter.

We also found the time to hit the sales at Old Navy and pick up some summer clothes for our Austin trip (It's consistently in the 70's and 80's right now! I can't WAIT!) and spent some time with the Schober's, Salava's, and Roehm's (my in-laws.)

So now I'm hoping that this weekend's extreme productivity will seep into my work week. Today has started well with an early morning radio spot for WYCE 88.1FM, and then finishing some odds and ends here in the office. I have a couple of meetings this afternoon and then I invite all of you Grand Rapids locals to come out to One Trick Pony tonight at 7:30pm for a concert-fundraiser for one of my facilities - the Cook Library Center. To find out more, just click HERE.

Happy Monday!

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