Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Blues

Alright, this may be getting old by now, but I am REALLY, completely, 100% ready for winter to be over.

I know, I know, you've heard it all before, I'm being ridiculous. But believe me, you haven't heard about it from me HALF as much as poor Travis has.

I was complaining about this very thing over the weekend and Travis said "I'm not dealing with this every Winter for the rest of our lives. Maybe you need to find some things and activities that you *like* to do, that you can only do in the Winter-time, and that you'll look forward to?"

Okay, I'm thinking, I'll take that bait. I'm up for making my (and his!) Winter's less miserable and thinking ahead to next year (because this Winter is almost over right?... right?...please say yes?!...) and ways that I can enjoy myself all Winter long.

So help me out! What are some of your favorite Winter-time activities? Surely someone has to have a cure for the Winter blues?!


Meg said...

Ice Skating...it's always been one of my favorite things about winter.

Katie Faye said...

You know what's really funny? When I moved to South Carolina, I was somewhat excited to get away from the neverending winters. But now that I'm here, I find myself actually missing the snow and ice! I used to go sledding, build snowmen, drink lots of mom's homemade hot cocoa.. oh, the memories :)