Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventures in Austin - Day Two (Part One)

Phew! We've done so much already today that I figured I'd post now, and then again in the morning to talk about our evening activities.

This morning we woke up to rain - lots of it. Will cooked breakfast, and then the boys set out to the local gas station for Will's first alcohol purchase...

As much as I hate beer, I was feeling celebratory enough to share a morning Corona with my brother on his 21st birthday.

Once the rain cleared up we headed out to explore Austin. We spent some time at Town Lake, and saw the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue - which Will worshiped...

The weather here is beautiful! It is so nice to be out in the warm sunshine! I know Trav, for one, is getting into the Texas spirit...

We ate lunch at Daddy's on 6th Street - where they have allegedly the best burgers in Austin. They WERE tasty! Will ordered his first bar beer.

Before heading back to the apartment we stopped to grab some supplies for the weekend. As you can see, the boys came out with their arms full!

We're relaxing at the apartment for an hour or so, freshening up, and then heading to dinner. More Austin Adventures coming tomorrow - Stay Tuned!

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