Sunday, March 8, 2009


We went out to dinner last night with Jeff, Kelley, Justin, Kristen, and Landon. Landon is seven weeks old now and growing like a weed! If he keeps this up he's going to be a basketball player for sure.

He was so well behaved at dinner. What a good baby!

Proud Mama.

Proud Daddy.

Time for pass the baby...

Jeff and Landon

Kelley and Landon

Jeff and Kelley looking like they're the parents...

Me and Landon

Even Uncle Travis held him! (He's got a thing about not holding babies until they can hold their heads up by themselves!)

When all of our friends started having babies it scared me! If you had asked me six months ago when we would have kids I would have said, horrified, "five to ten years - at the soonest!" But now, with the practice we're getting babysitting and holding everyone else's kids, I'm warming up to the idea. I'll comfortably move it up to two to five years : )

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Katie Faye said...

Aww! Aren't babies amazing?? Landon is super cute.. you and your hubby both look great holding him ;)