Friday, February 27, 2009

Reconnecting with my Body - Update 1

Happy Friday!

I figured it was time for an update on my attempts at healthier living. To get caught up, click HERE to view my original post on this.

It's been a little tricky to properly evaluate the impact of my initial steps on my mood and energy this past week since I have been down with the flu, but here's an update on the first week of goals nonetheless:

1) Substitute coffee for herbal and fruit teas.

This has been going really, really well! I should have noted that I am also attempting to minimize my soda consumption in addition to my coffee consumption. In the past two weeks I think I have had two caffenated sodas, and maybe four cups of coffee. While this may still seem like a lot to some - I was drinking at least one of each beverage each day. So from 28 coffees and sodas over two weeks down to just six is a great accomplishment I feel! I've been doing lots of tea and water. It's great!

2) Drink water.

See above! Although some days have been better than others - the days that I drink water consistently have been notably different. No coffee headache and I just feel like my insides are functioning better. Go figure.

3) Begin exploring local yoga studios.

I've indentified three different yoga studios that are literally within walking distance from my house. I plan on dropping in for a class or two at each studio to see which I prefer, and then working in at least one class a week into my schedule. I would have liked to have started this week, but a combination of the flu - and the work I had to catch up on from being down on the flu prevented that.

In other healthy living news - Travis and I are heading out to the condo in South Haven this weekend. While not everything that will go on there would technically be considered "healthy" (several great Italian restaraunts coupled with adult beverages with Alison and Noah on Saturday!) it sure will be a wonderful mental break from the stress of work for the two of us, and THAT is a key part of healthy living in my opinion. Plus there's something about taking a walk on the beach, no matter the season, that really clears your head.

Have a great weekend!

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