Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wrapping up the holidays...

... it's finally here.  The official end of the holidays for us.  Travis goes back to work tomorrow and I have about a week and a half until classes start again.  The tree is down and the decorations are packed up.  It's refreshing and sad all at the same time.  I'm ready to forge into 2010, but we've had such lovely holidays this year and great times together that I will miss that everyday couple time with the hubby!

This past weekend we've soaked in the time relaxing together at home.  We did a little puzzling...

We took a nap or two... (because puzzling is such hard work!)


And we tried out the nifty little slider maker that Travis got for Christmas.  Little burgers are so much cuter than big ones!

Oh, and we tried to go see a movie.  TRIED to.  We both really want to see The Blind Side but we got to the theatre and it was just NUTS!  It took forever to find a parking spot, and then the ticket line was out the door!  We gave up and plan on going tomorrow night instead.  Hopefully it will be a lot less busy!

Speaking of movies... did you see any good ones over the holidays?  We went to see Invictus with Trav's family and it was FABULOUS.  I highly recommend it!

For those of you milking the last few hours of the holidays like we are... Happy Sunday and ENJOY!

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