Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Rewind 2: Christmas with the Roehm's

On December 27th we headed across the state to Portage, MI for Christmas with Travis' family.  His brother Tyler was in town from Texas (funny how both the brothers ended up in Texas!) and we have a great time giving gifts, seeing movies, and playing games.

Seeing a tree lit up and stockings on the mantle never gets old... no matter how old WE are!

Trav's mom Kim was VERY excited to get "Peter and the Wolf" on CD.

I got some really pretty silver jewelry from an artisan in Arizona!

Trav and Tyler got these beautiful cutting boards... I think they also came from Arizona?

We got Tyler a crock pot and crock pot cookbook.  We couldn't LIVE without our crockpot in the Winter months!

The kids gifted the parents with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant in St. Thomas to use when they vacation there this Spring.

Fun stockings filled with treats!

We enjoyed a delicious meal of baked spaghetti with the extended family.

Oh, and Bella was festive as always in a red bow!


Trav's family are all Seinfeld buffs so we played their new DVD Scene It Seinfeld game.  I never really watched the show - so I just operated the remote!  : )

Grandma Roehm knitted me these slippers... she knits the BEST slippers!  I need to have her show me how to make them.  So cozy!

It was a lovely time!

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