Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Rewind 1: Christmas with the Eversden's

Look!  I'm FINALLY getting around to posting pictures from Christmas!  Better late than never I suppose!

We spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day with my side of the family in Tecumseh.  We had a wonderful time - but missed my brother Will of course - who was stuck in Texas working and couldn't make it home for the holidays.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip...

Travis and I on Christmas morning.

My mother was VERY excited about this ornament! (well is is super cute!)

Travis was equally excited about his Vegas guide book.  He's learning all he can in preparation for our trip in May! (apparently Bella wanted in on the action, too!)

My Dad is silly.  He tries to guess EVERY gift and is about 99.9& accurate.  No joke!

Even Bella got a gift or two.  She must have been good this year.

I love me some "Vanilla Bean Noel" from Bath & Body Works!

And I was waaay too excited about my new cooling racks!  Ha!

Mum got a fancy new ipod...

Nothing says "Christmas Morning" like mimosas!

Santa got the boys these silly hats. We made them pose in them with their first beer of the day...

Here we are before dinner...

And afterwards... posing with our Cadbury's selection boxes... an annual tradition!


We ate sooo much good food that day!  YUM!  And it was great to spend some relaxing time with my parents.

Stop back tomorrow for "Holiday Rewind 2" - highlights from our Christmas with the Roehm side of the family!

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