Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bloggy Plan

Thanks so much for all of you who gave me feedback about this blog... it's really helped me come to grips with where I want to go with it.  I've given it a lot of thought, and decided that in order to continue with this blog and keep things interesting - I need a little more structure.

A lot of blogs that I've checked out, and some that I read regularly, have themed posts by certain days of the week.  Now, I didn't want to have a pre-established theme for EVERY day, but I figured that doing something consistent a few days of the week would give me a little more focus.

So, without further ado, here's the weekly lineup:

Monday's:  "Weekend in Review"
In my "Weekend in Review" posts, I'll share a photos and stories from my weekend.  You can see my first one, which I posted yesterday, HERE.

Wednesday's:  "Where I Live"
"Where I Live Wednesday" will feature a different place in Michigan each week.  It will start out very local, with the area in which I live (different areas of town, my house, stores and restaurants, etc. etc.) and expand over time to include adventures to other places in the great state of Michigan.

Friday's:  "Critic's Choice"
My "Critic's Choice" post will feature a review of some sort.  Could be a movie, book, product, TV show, whatever!  And I'll be looking to you, dear reader's, to share YOUR reviews as well!

I'll fit in other things on Tuesday's and Thursday's as they come along, and will generally not be posting on the weekends.  Because let's face it... we all have more exciting things to do on the weekend than post to or read blogs!

I'll be making some cosmetic changes to the blog over the next couple of weeks too... so bear with me.  I have a renewed excitement about this blog, and look forward to sharing my little piece of cyber-space with friends old and new!

Happy Tuesday!  Come back tomorrow for my first ever "Where I Live Wednesday" post!  : )

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Cindy Bylsma said...

sounds like a great plan!