Friday, January 22, 2010

Critic's Choice Friday!

My weekly "Critic's Choice" post will always feature a review of some sort.  Could be a movie, book, product, TV show, whatever!  And I'll be looking to you, dear reader's, to share YOUR reviews as well!

I'm a planner girl.  No matter how far technology has come and how much I utilize a million forms of online communication, I'm still bound to pen and paper when it comes to mapping out my schedule and to-do's.

This year I dropped the ball a little bit and didn't pick up a planner until (gasp!) mid-January.  When I finally did set about picking one up, I did it rather haphazardly.  I stumbled into Barnes & Noble and picked up this teeny little thing (I generally go for over-sized, way too much info, will not fit in my purse type of daybooks!) for 50% costing me a whopping $4 and some cents.

And you know what?  It's seriously the best planner I've ever owned.

And not just because it's little, and cute, and pink (watermelon, actually!) but because it's so much more.  You see, it's made by a company called ecosystem...

And it gets better.

There is a handy-dandy pocket inside the back cover (along with daily calendar space and a notes page for every week!) and on that pocket is an ID number.  Now, if someone were to find my planner, they could go to the company website, plug in the number, and get in touch with me.  And if I login to the site, I can find out EXACTLY what my planner is made of, where it was made, how many people are employed at that location, and more.  It's incredible, really!

So if you're a planner person or even if you're not (they also have lines of journals and other books) head over to ecosystem and learn what they are all about.

And in the meantime - tell me about YOUR planner, or lack of one.  How do you keep yourself organized?  Leave me a comment below!

Happy Weekend!


2busy said...

I have a weakness for cute useful planners. I have a planner on my cell phone, but I'm more of a traditionalist.

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently...It's always great to meet new friends.

Beth said...

I love planners too, although haven't used one since becoming a SAHM. I just keep a regular calendar on the fridge for keeping the schedule. The last few times I've purchased a planner I end up forgetting to use it.

However, I sometimes wish I was back at THS... I really liked those planners and totally relied on them!

Bridget said...

It's so funny you wrote this - my husband works at Barnes & Noble, and couldn't find the refill for the planner I had, so he bought me one of these! I really think it's very cool, though mine is black, and I wish they had some in pink ...

Adam Kendall said...

I remember you losing your THS planner in high school. You would have thought someone shot your dog - you cried for days. =) Good to see you haven't lost your obsession!

SuzyQSparkles said...

I'm a paper and pencil person actually, but my planners have always started out good and then tapered off. What HAS worked for me for at least the past five (or six) years is the More Time Mom's Wall Calendar. There's a cute little illustration on the top 2-3", and then the rest of the HUGE things is full of lined squares for the days. It's nice because they are regular paper, so you can write (and erase) on them as much as needed (well, within reason). I keep it on a wall in/by my kitchen. My 7 yo son is trained to look at it daily, and my husband *almost* has completed his training. ;)

I also use Google Calendar's some, mostly because it's nice to share with friends this way and keep in touch with what they are up to (even when 1000 miles away).

The biggest benefit to having my main calendar at home, is, well, it's AT HOME! This means that when someone wants to schedule an appointment with me, I now say "I'll have to check my calendar and call you." Which I do do, but it keeps me from over booking myself, which is great!

I use a spiral bound notebook (I pick them up during Back to School sales) for my daily lists, (including to-do and computer on the left, and menus, appointments, and phone calls on the right).

By the way, I saw a funny comment you made on Permission to Unwind about *gasp* not yet being 30, and had to see if your blog was filled with similar humor. :)

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