Saturday, January 16, 2010


I know I said I wasn't planning on posting on the weekends, but here I am nonetheless!

On Thursday we welcomed a new addition to our home and family...

Isn't she pretty?

Trav's parents are getting rid of some things in their home, and were gracious enough to pass on their piano to us (which, as I understand it, has been in the family for years)

I am beyond stoked to, for the first time since I was a very little girl in England, have a piano in my home.

Yup, that's me as a wee one.

I majored in music you see, and as the years go by I find myself moving further and further away from all things musical.  If it's not your career (I never intended to be a professional musician) then it's hard to find appropriate outlets for it, and squeeze it into a busy schedule.

So when the piano arrived on Thursday night I spent an hour plunking out poor chordal accompaniments (yeah, despite my music degree I'm actually a downright poor pianist!) and singing my little heart out.  And it felt good.

Thanks, Kim and Phil!  We will take great care of it!



angelina la dawn said...

gorgeous! i hope i can have a piano in my home someday :)

ImplausibleYarn said...

That is one good looking piano! Congratulations on the new acquisition, I'm sure it will be loved and enjoyed. There is something really sad about a once beautiful instrument neglected.