Monday, July 6, 2009

Unfortunate end to a beautiful weekend...

I'll get the whining out first. I got insanely sunburned yesterday. Ha, ha, ha very funny-serves me right for not liberally applying sunscreen-etc. I know. But not funny at all considering I've spent the day alternating throwing up and sleeping, with a screaming headache. Yup, too much fun in the sun. Love me some sun poisoning. Entirely my own fault, I know.

Phew! Now that I've got that out of my system I can share with you how GREAT the weekend was before today's aftermath! We headed to South Haven on Friday morning and enjoyed a lazy afternoon. It was warm enough to sit on the beach for a little while, but cooled right down in the evening. We opted to stay in with pizza and a movie. A nice, relaxing night.

On Saturday morning we took Bella down to the beach to see how she liked the water. She loved it! She chased sticks and had absolutely no reservations about getting in the water at all. Afterwards, we dried and brushed her and she wanted to get dressed up for the holiday of course... she's so festive!

Well, not THAT festive. You see, we tried to take her to the parade in town, looking all 4th of July-ish and everything... but the moment it started and all the emergency vehicles came by laying on their horns and sirens it was all over. Our tough large-breed dog turned into a frightened puddle of mush - practically jumping into Travis' arms in fear. Yeah, loud noises like that don't do it for her I guess. So that was the end of the parade for us!

Saturday afternoon our dear friends the Hill's came into town for some beach fun. It was a little overcast so the girls (me, Heather, and Lily - Bella was still too traumatized from the parade!) headed into town for a little shopping. With a few impromptu photo ops along the way of course...

We had a great time tooling around town - although I learned that the majority of those cute little gifty South Haven shops are NOT stroller friendly. Next time we'll take the men with us to sit outside with the stroller while we browse... : )

We headed back to the condo and after a snack made our way down to the beach for some sandy fun. I took about a hundred photos of Lily... I'm not exaggerating. I'm still editing them all - so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the beach shots. For now, I think I'm heading back to the couch with my Excedrin, ice packs, and aloe... ah, good times.

Fourth of July weekend part two coming tomorrow! See you then!

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