Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adventures in my own back yard

Well, not literally my back yard. But pretty darn close!

You see, we walk Bella to the dog park relatively often. It's about 1.2 miles from our house. Especially now that it's summertime, walking there and letting Bella run around for a half hour and then walking back is just the right amount of exercise to wear her out. And as they say, a good dog is a tired dog!

Yesterday Heather, Lily and I took Bella for a walk down to the dog park. The park is situated right next to a little school that I always knew was there but had never paid much attention to. Heather was curious as to what school it was, so we veered left on our way out to take a look.

As soon as we walked that little bit to the left we made an AMAZING discovery. A huge community garden that I had no idea even existed!

After reading the signage, we discovered we were allowed to walk the trails around the plots as long as we didn't enter actual pots. We had a great time oohing and aahing at all of the wonderful, delicious looking produce that was being grown.

Some plots were very well organized, while others were a little overgrown!

We chatted with this gardener for a few minutes.... he was picking collard greens...

He said that for one huge plot (seriously, they were huge!) for a season it was just $50 to rent, which included access to a water supply. Amazing right? Heather and I mused how great it would be to split a plot and get her kids involved in taking care of it. This coming from me, who can barely keep her six tomato plants + hanging baskets alive... : )

The produce was really amazing. There were a few flowers in there, too...

It was so neat! Not far off the road, it felt miles away from civilization. It was truly magical to stroll around and see all of that locally grown garden-goodness.


Arwen said...

how are the kitties doing???

AVinNYC said...

Wow- what a great find! And great pictures, too!

rachel said...

this looks amazing!!