Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not much is new...

.. in our lives, that is.

We woke up to some crazy loud thunderstorms this morning, I'm surprised Bella wasn't freaking out (she's becoming more and more neurotic every day I swear!) and it was a grey, rainy morning. It was good for the garden, that's for sure - but not so good for my mood and motivation. I've been so sleepy this week!

I took this photo on my way in to work through my car window - while stopped at a stoplight of course...


Other than that - it's just your average week in the Roehm household - nothing new to report at all.

But there IS big news for some dear friends of ours! Huge congratulations to Adam & Carrie Kendall who welcomed their baby Claire Elise into the world just after 5am this morning. Woohoo! You can see a photo of Claire HERE. Talk about perfection!

Hope you are all having a great week. Happy Hump Day!


Claire said...

Claire...what a wonderful choice of name!

Joanne said...

I thought you'd like that!