Friday, July 10, 2009

Tea time?

It's been a bit of a strange week really. What with coming off the holiday weekend, feeling sick all day Monday, and some quirkiness and both work and home - it's been a bit of a doozy.

This morning I'm sneezing like it's my job. Believe it or not I think I have some mild pet dander allergies (I woke up with a cat in my face today!) which is ironic since I have three four legged friends in my house!

Anyhoo... I was feeling kind of crappy and unmotivated. So natually I reached for the coffee. This is ALSO ironic considering I refused to touch coffee for the longest time. Got through all of college without a sip. Now it pumps through my veins most days.

I digress.

So I was about to put the coffee pot on when I saw this...

Some gourmet teas that my dear friend Alison (Hi, Alison!) had given me in a bag of hand-selected goodies for helping with her bridal shower. Now, while the gift was totally unnecessary (I was MORE than happy to help!) who doesn't love a little bag of treats? The best gifts I swear are little odds and ends - soaps, teas, candies, candles, journals - selected with love and packaged prettily (this package from Alison had dried lavender tied to it!)

I digress again!

Back to the tea... I spotted it this morning and thought it would be the perfect pick me up! Look how cute the little tea bags are - and the little leaf that hangs over the edge of your cup!

Maybe it's the British in me... but this cuppa tea has just mellowed me out and got me refocused for the day. That's a good thing since I have all kinds of work to do - and a house to clean (my parents are coming to visit for the weekend - yay!)

Relax, sip, and enjoy! Have a great day everyone!


Alison said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Those bags are soooo cute! I may have to get some for myself :-)

Joanne said...

You should! And you should take me to that cutesy store you got them and all the other goodies from - we've been talking about it FOREVER. Did you get my email??

rachel said...

I love the picture of the teabag with the coffee maker in the background. It's as if the tea is taunting the coffee (She chose me!).

Alison said...

I did and I am a terrible friend as I have yet to respond to it :( I PROMISE I will do so this afternoon. Plans for when the 'rents head to GR?

Katie Faye said...

Mmmm... that tea looks wonderful. I miss hot tea. People in the South just never drink it, and you can't find good tea ANYWHERE... it's all the Luzianne stuff for making sweet tea!