Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Day Ever?

This morning on my drive to work, my local radio station was celebrating the birthday of the radio show hosts twin 10-year old boys. I didn't hear the entire segment, but essentially they were doing a call-in revolving around the SpongeBob Squarepants Song "Best Day Ever!"

Adults and kids were calling in to say why today was their "Best Day Ever!" People listed everything from "I had my favorite kind of cereal for breakfast" to "It's my birthday!" to "It's not snowing outside" and more. It was really quite amusing.

Now, I've always found what little I know about SpongeBob to be pretty obnoxious - and maybe I'd feel differently about it if I had kids - or maybe I'd find it MORE obnoxious, but I looked up the song lyrics regardless...

Mr. Sun came out and he smiled at me. Said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see!
Jumped out of bed and I ran outside feeling so extra exstatified!

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)

I'm so busy got nothing to do, spent the last two hours just tying my shoe.
Every flower every grain of sand, is reaching out to shake my hand.

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)

Sometimes the little things start closing in on me, when I'm feeling down I wanna lose that frown I stick my head out the window and look around.
Those clouds don't scare me they can't disguise, this magic that's happening right before my eyes.
Soon Mr. Moon will be shining bright so the best day ever will last all night.
Yes the Best day ever's gonna last all night now.

It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever! (Best day ever)
It's the Best day ever (Best day ever)
(Best day ever)
(Best day...)

So positive, right?! Go figure. On days like this - when the weather is crappy - and the weekend is still three entire workdays away - we need to appreciate the little things that make us happy, and may even help us have the "Best Day Ever!"

This funny little radio segment, and the lyrics to a silly cartoon song really brightened my morning. My challenge to you is as follows:

1) Think of a reason why today is your "Best Day Ever!"

2) Post a comment below saying "Today is my BEST DAY EVER because..." (fill in your answer)

Go on, do it! Did you get a special e-mail this morning? Are you going someplace fun tonight? Did you receive a compliment? Have a great cup of coffee? Something great has happened to you today, I guarantee it.

Regardless of if you always comment on my posts, or never comment on my posts, are reading this blog for the first time, or the millionth time, if you're a follower, or not. POST! Let's hear why you're having the BEST DAY EVER!

Happy Wednesday!


Joanne said...

Today is my BEST DAY EVER because I had a leftover GYRO (from Sami's in GR) for lunch today. YUM!

Travis said...

today is the best day ever because i get to come home to the best wife ever.

Alison said...

Today is my BEST DAY EVER because Joanne has the sweetest husband EVER! (Almost made me cry - how sweet!)

Also, because I just ate a Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lindt Truffle and it was oh-so delicious!

Katie Faye said...

Today is my best day ever because we just found out we're approved for a rural housing loan and are hoping to close on our first house this spring!

Joanne said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting! You certainly ARE having the best day EVER!