Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday & Saturday

It's the weekend again!

On Friday afternoon we drove to the east side of the state to see my family, and for me to partake in some wedding related activities in preparation for Alison's wedding in April. It was a quick trip, but great to see my folks, and Alison and her family - they're such a sweet bunch!

Bella really quite likes the car, but she would prefer if she could ride up front, or perhaps drive. She puts her feet on the console in between us and presses her face up close to one of ours. Needless to say, she's learned the command "get in the back!"

At my parents house we ate a great dinner Friday night, and then my mum helped me on my knitting mission! To find out lots more about that, click here.

I snapped some headshots of my dad while we were there. He hates having his picture taken, but needed one for work. I really like this picture of him because in most pictures he's making silly faces :)

On Saturday my mum and I met Alison and her family at the hair salon for Alison's practice run for the wedding...

Everything went well, was speedy, and she was happy. Easy! Brought back slightly traumatic memories of MY wedding trial runs. How many times did I go for a trial? Like, 4? Dang. After the hair we went into Toledo to the fabric store. Alison has
two little flower girls and my mum is sewing the dresses for them. We found some darling ivory satin with a sparkly overlay which will look great with the pattern Alison chose. (Alison - do you have the pattern and fabric? Will you e-mail me the pattern number and a photo of the fabric? Thanks!)

We drove back to Grand Rapids last night, which was kind of a drag, but it was nice to wake up this morning at home and have our whole Sunday ahead of us. Aren't Sunday's just the best days?

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