Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing Mom for a Morning

So my neice Mariah is having wrist surgery today, so of course I volunteered to help out Heather and the Hill's in any way that I could.

I was fully prepared for an early morning, and having been sick all week I attempted to go to bed early to prepare. I woke up in the middle of the night, sat up straight in bed in a panic convinced I'd missed my alarm only to realize it was only 1:15am. Nice.

I arrived at the Hills' just after 5:30am -- I'm not sure that I've been up that early since I worked child care out in Lowell. Lily was already up and ready to go - doing her thing...

I should note at this time that I was presented with a schedule for the morning... :)

Heather and I had decided that giving Mariah her Get Better Box in the morning to alleviate some nerves would be best - since that would give her something to look forward to when she got home. She loved it!

(Lily liked it, too!)

(For the story of the Get Better Box click HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page, reading the original post first and scrolling up for the updates)

Anthony Sr, Heather, Mariah and Lily headed out to drop Lily at Child Care and then to the hospital. I attempted to work on some knitting, but the Hills' newest addition, Ziggy, made it a little difficult...

So I hung out with their cats and my cup of coffee (one of very few I've had lately, by the way, more on that later!) and did a little bit of work. Playing with their cats made me feel a little guilty about neglecting mine at times since we've had Bella. It's hard to play with them because they like to stay out of Bella's way. Maybe we need to have designated kitty playtimes each day while Bella is crated?

Anyhow, here are the Hills' other cats...

and Whiskers

I woke Anthony Jr. at 7:00am who, after a little initial confusion and a reminder that Mariah was having surgery today, got up, showered, and ate breakfast... (yes, that's some kind of cereal straw to suck up the milk from his cereal with - interesting!)

Note: He came downstairs in the Pistons jersey Trav brought him back from the game we went to in January. Cute!

I saw him off to school and my morning mission was complete. SUCCESS!

Now I'm on call the rest of the day in case they need me to pick up Lily or anything. I am thinking happy thoughts for Mariah as she undergoes surgery this morning!

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