Thursday, January 8, 2009

OGR Valentines Brunch

I love special event fundraising. I think it comes from this little piece of me that's always wanted to be an event planner or wedding coordinator. Not only do I enjoy the planning, logistical and creative aspects of special events - but I love celebrating a non-profit organization. It's a great opportunity to look at what the organization has achieved, and what is still to come.

Since I left my position at Opera Grand Rapids last summer, I've maintained my connection to the organization through their Opera Affiliates group and will be co-chairing a special event for them later this year.

Opera Grand Rapids is West Michigan's resident, professional opera production company since 1967. Each of their productions is built from the ground up in Grand Rapids, utilizing breathtaking national singers, amazing sets and costumes, our regional chorus, and the music of the Grand Rapids Symphony.

I received my invitation yesterday to Opera Affiliates' annual event: Valentine Brunch. This is a great event held at the Kent Country Club featuring good food, and good singing. It's a great intro to opera for those who may not know much about it, or may be intimidated by the thought of it. The performance is casual, with no props, set, or costumes (well, I'm pretty sure they are not in costume...) and consists of several musical highlights by the shows' stars.

Here's the event info:

A benefit for Opera Grand Rapids
Sunday February 8, 2009
Kent Country Club, Grand Rapids
Lavish buffet with breakfast cocktails followed by musical highlights from The Elixir of Love
$45 per person

Travis and I will be attending - and invite you to join us! Just let me know if you're interested, and we'd be happy to carpool and make a day out of it! Come eat good food, experience great music (I promise opera isn't scary!) and support non-profit arts in West Michigan.

Oh, and $20 per ticket is tax-deductible, so you'll get a letter/receipt that you can write-off on your taxes. What a deal! : )

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