Friday, December 18, 2009

Um... where did the week go?!

Apparently Christmas is literally, right around the corner!  All of a sudden it's Friday and we have exactly one week to go until Christmas.  That's nuts!  I had really great intentions of keeping you up to speed with all the"really exciting" stuff going on around here this week - but I failed miserably.

You see, we recovered from last Saturday's party.

My niece Mariah had a band concert...


We hosted a work party for Travis' co-workers...


All the while I was busy with this, this, and this!  Not to mention baking, wrapping, and all of the usual holiday "stuff"... yikes!

How are you guys holding up?  Ready for next week?  Or do you still have a lot to do?  Are you hosting family and friends in the coming week?  Celebrating annual traditions?  Whatever you're up to - I hope you're having a WONDERFUL Holiday season!

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hey. I just left a comment on your cat blog. I heart cats. We're almost ready for X-mas. Hoping to finish things up this weekend.