Sunday, November 29, 2009

The home stretch -OR- Holiday traditions to look forward to -OR- I really should be writing my paper...

Hi there, "Queen of Procrastination" here. I also go by "Very Easily Distracted"...

I'm working on my FINAL paper that I'll present on Monday and that will finish my semester. It's a 20+ page monster and I'm in the final stretch of it. Knowing that I'm almost done doesn't help my procrastination and ability to get very easily distracted however. But can you blame me? With the holidays so close I just want to shut the computer down and decorate the house, make my Christmas cards, and shop for stocking stuffers.

When I was in college and the semester was getting tough, I'd doodle lists in the back of my notebook that were "countdowns" until events I was looking for. I'd list how many days until Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, New Years, parties with friends, etc. Although I'm not making those same countdowns this year, it's the thought of holiday parties and merriness that's keeping me going.

Now that we have a home and can entertain, we're starting to make some holiday traditions of our very own. We'll be hosting our second annual holiday party for our friends this year - everyone brings a dish to pass and an item to donate to charity (last year it was Toys for Tots, this year it's pet-related items for animal rescue agencies. Go figure!) and we'll be celebrating Roehm-Hill Family Christmas with our dear friends the Hill's.

To give me that final push to get through this paper, I thought I'd check out some holiday photos from last year, to remind me of all the good things ahead. Take a look at these posts from last year...


Trip to NYC


What holiday get togethers are YOU looking forward to this year?? Do share!

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angelina la dawn said...

hey! i'm passing on the "heartfelt blogger" award on to you! (it doesn't come with a required list this time :)