Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun Part Two

It was so fun that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year!

Since our neighborhood doesn't get a lot of Trick or Treaters, and since I had MADE Mariah and Lily's costumes - we headed to the Hill's for an evening of ghoulish festivities.

Mariah and Lily were incredibly cute as cupcakes! I thought that the costumes turned out pretty well - especially since I'd been sick all the week before and didn't get the chance to make them until the morning of Halloween!

The kids Trick or Treated and we sipped on Sunday Coffee and took lots of pictures. Even Bella came along!

After we'd braved the elements (wind, rain, cold!) for long enough we headed back to the Hill's for pizza, festive snacks (jello hand and heart!), Halloween coloring, and general candy sorting.

And in what now is Halloween tradition - the girls posed in their matching, festive socks!

It was a really fun day - thanks Hill's, for having us!

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AVinNYC said...

SUPER costumes- what a fun Halloween!!