Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Baby Bella

Our darling chocolate lab puppy Bella is going in for spay surgery on Thursday (tomorrow). In preparation for this, she had to go in to the vet to have some blood drawn for wellness testing earlier this week.

To our surprise, we got a phone-call yesterday evening from our vet to say that Bella's kidney blood-work was irregular, and that there could be something wrong with her kidneys! The vet wasn't too concerned, she said it could be as simple as her not getting enough water, but all the same I feel like a horrible puppy mom!

I've often wondered if Bella had some kind of bladder related problem, because she has been very difficult to potty train with lots of piddling problems. Now I'm wondering if it is something bigger.

She's getting more blood-work done tomorrow morning before her surgery. I am sure I am overreacting and worrying too much, but we love Bella and want her to be around for a long time to come.

Keep her in your thoughts!

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Katie Faye said...

Aw, poor baby Bella. She is so beautiful and sounds like such a sweet girl!

My Daisy (chihuahua) recently had a routine visit where we discovered her urine was diluted. They thought it could have been kidney trouble, but in the end they were able to do a water deprivation test, and somehow that fixed the problem!

Has Bella been tested for a urinary tract infection? Lots of pee-pee accidents can sometimes point to bacteria.

You're not a bad puppy mom, though! I'll say a little prayer for you and Bella!