Sunday, November 30, 2008

GREEN - Better taking care of ourselves AND our planet!

Travis and I wrapped up our weekend with an afternoon of comfort food cooking. We cooked two lasagnas and a Sheppard's pie to portion out and freeze. In the midst of all of this cooking, we realized what a massive pile of food scraps we had accumulated. It was then, on a whim, that we decided that we should start composting.

Keep in mind we know NOTHING about composting.

I ran to the den and excitedly googled "composting." After skimming a variety of websites, we created our own, very basic, compost receptacle. We used a rubbermaid container, and Trav drilled holes in if for aeration. We'll keep it in the basement this winter, and move it out to the back yard in the summertime. We used a base of leaves for moisture, and dumped in our scraps.

Obviously we need to continue the research, to make sure we're doing things correctly. But for now, we feel pretty darn good about ourselves! We are going to be partaking in all kinds of vegetable and flower gardening next year once we get our yards landscaped, and we're convinced we're going to create the BEST COMPOST EVER.

And of course, we're putting our household waste to good use, thus eliminating our disposable waste.If you are already well-versed in composting, please leave me some feedback and tips. I welcome any info I can get my hands on!

Here's a photo play-by-play of our compost creation:

For more info on composting click here.

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