Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Animal Rescue!

You just never know how your day is going to go...

I returned to the office this afternoon after a presentation, a meeting, and a lunch on-the-go around 11:30am. I had barely sat down when my boss and I noticed a dog outside on the sidewalk. The puppy didn't have an owner, or a leash, and was following the mailman around. Fearing the dog was going to run into the busy street, we ran downstairs (yes, literally ran, in my heels!) to try and rescue the dog. Armed with lunchmeat courtesy of our receptionist, we coaxed the dog safely across the road and into our building.

Then we had a dog on our hands.

The dog was a large muscular dog, and we couldn't figure out what breed. He had the build of a pit bull but was not mean in any way. The dog knew how to sit, lay down, shake, and stay, and was very friendly and affectionate. After eating the REST of our receptionist's lunch (a tortilla with cheese and meat - it's all we had!) and drinking some water, he laid down and just hung out with us. He was obviously still hungry, was a little on the skinny side, but was well groomed and taken care of.

I got ahold of Trav to notify him of the doggy "emergency" and he came over to meet the pup. We loaded him up into the car and drove to the Animal Shelter. He was a beautiful, well-mannered dog, and a large part of me wanted to adopt him ourselves. Travis reminded me that we've both said numerous times that we don't want a male dog (no humping, please!) and that we really shouldn't keep him. All the while, mind you, he was growing more and more fond of the big guy!

We got to the Animal Shelter nervously, because our receptionist thought that they would only hold him for ten days before euthanizing him. We were THRILLED to find out that if he isn't claimed in four days, he will undergo a behavior test, and as long as he passes (he was so sweet, I would be shocked if he didn't!) then he will go up for adoption and stay that way until he finds his forever home. The staff said it is VERY uncommon that they euthanize dogs. Which is good in many ways, but especially because if they HAD told us they would euthanize him soon, we would be a two dog family right now!

So... here's the deal. I'm making it my mission to find this young guy a home. Here's the 411. He's a mastiff / pitbull mix. He's a tan short haired dog with a white front, a male, who has not been neutered. The staff think he's about three years old. He is an absolute sweetheart. Can anyone give him a home? If you think you'd like to check him out, or know of someone who may be interested, let me know and I will put you in touch with the shelter directly.

I'll post his picture tonight... and potentially rant a little about the responsibility of pet ownership and the importance of spay/neuter surgery! STAY TUNED : ) I just love animals - and hope a home can be found for this guy, and for as many stray/abandoned animals as possible!

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