Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Christmas Book

I'm a plan ahead type of person (did you know?!) and usually have a healthy start on Christmas shopping by this time of year. I'm a little behind schedule this year, and am trying to get on the ball! I've got a pretty good idea of what to get and where to find it for our friends and family, but I'm desperately SEARCHING for a particular something for the little ones in my life:

This book is by Dick Bruna, the author of the "Miffy" books. It was my favorite Christmas book as a child and I still have my copy. I'd LOVE to find two copies of this for gifts this Holiday. I think Miffy is an English thing for the most part, but I know that I've not only seen Muffy books here in the States, but I SWEAR I've seen "The Christmas Book" here before as well. Alas, I've checked B&N, Borders, and Amazon online to no avail. HELP! If anyone has seen, or knows where to find this book - please let me know!


Adam said...

try here:

Hope this helps!

Claire said...

Hey Joanne!

They've got the story on the Waterstones website:
You have to enter Dick Bruna's name into the search, rather than THe Christmas Book.
I don't know if they deliver to the US - have a look and if they don't, perhaps I could buy it for you and post it over?
Let me know! xx

Kels_Caleb said...

ebay joanne! ebay!

: )

(well, i found one copy at least...maybe there are more as well?)

Joanne said...

The only NEW copies I've been able to find are on Amazon UK - and the cheapest copy is more than 25 pounds! That's $50! Yikes... I guess the search continues!