Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New House. New Pistons. New President.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Housewarming party, and for those that sent gifts (totally unnecessary, thank you!) or well wishes (much appreciated!). Travis and I had a great time entertaining and showing you all around our new home. Special thanks to everyone who made food, ironed slipcovers (Alison!) and to my parents who spent 48 hours with us cleaning like crazy! It was a lot of hard work, but well worth the efforts. Now that it's over it's on to the holidays... which seem to be coming up very quickly don't they?!

I don't claim to be a huge sports fanatic, because I absolutely am not, but I DO enjoy me some Detroit Pistons. Therefore, I was just a little heartbroken when my TWO favorite Pistons were traded for A.I of all people. I realize that he's good, even amazing, but he's a SCRUB! Travis informs me that to be a true fan you have to support the team no matter what. Personally I'd like to boycott the Pistons, but I won't, which brings me to my next subject...

OBAMA. I realize that there are many of you that are not happy about him being our president. I realize that many of you voted for McCain for a variety of reasons. I even realize that many of you want to disengage from politics and claim that President-Elect Obama is "Not my President." However, just like I support the Pistons and their trade choices because I am a "true" Pistons fan, it is up to all of you to support Obama as our president, as "true" Americans.

This all coming from Joanne, the Brit... : )

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