Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

There is a certain amount of irony that comes with my English family celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving. However, I think that the concept of Thanksgiving transcends nationalities and cultures. It's more than that. Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and all that we are blessed with. We don't open gifts on Thanksgiving, we don't dress up in costumes, we don't light candles or have cake. We simply give thanks.

And yes there's food, and yes there's football, and yes there's even shopping (for those brave enough!) but the bottom line is that it's a time for family, friends, and thanks. You can't limit that to a particular culture, race, religion, or nationality. So for these reasons and many others, I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving more than ever before. I have an amazing husband, family, and support system of friends. We are all healthy, employed, and happy. Travis and I are enjoying our first home, and our puppy.

I am so, so thankful.

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