Monday, March 8, 2010

South Haven Winter Weekend - Part One

How was your weekend?  We had an absolutely lovely one.  It was so lovely and filled with fun that I'm splitting it up into several posts over the next couple of days.

Travis and I headed to South Haven a little after lunch on Friday.  Our good friend's Heather and Anthony joined us a little later that afternoon.  We headed down to the beach to take a walk and it was gorgeous, so gorgeous that Bella decided that running INTO the lake would be a good idea!  Oops!

The weather was so nice.  It got into the upper 40's and is really starting to feel like springtime.  I know that 40 degrees isn't warm by any means, but it's enough difference from where we were that coupled with the sunshine on your back - it was such a nice change!

Heather and Anthony posed for a quick picture before we headed back up to the condo to warm up and get ready for dinner...


After a couple of drinks and some snacks at the condo we headed into Saugatuck (about twenty minutes away) for dinner.  We ended up at a cool burger joint named "Wally's" and enjoyed appetizers and dinner.  It's not often Heather and Anthony have the chance to go out without their kids, so it was nice for all of us to have a little adult time together!

Come back tomorrow for more photos and stories from our weekend.  I hope that YOU had a fabulous weekend as well!

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