Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Putting a little Spring in my step!

The weather here as been BEAUTIFUL.

Okay, beautiful is definitely a relative term.  It's not like I'm running around in shorts with an ice cream cone in my hand, but it's sure the best outside it's been in MONTHS!

The sun has been shining daily for about a week straight - it's amazing how much the sunshine can help your day be just that little bit better!

I'm finally feeling healthy again, for the most part.  I'm trying to take good care of myself.  I'm taking daily vitamins, making the effort to eat right and drink more water and less caffeine, and I even went for a (gasp!) run yesterday.

The running was rough - I'm not going to lie!  Plus I decided to take Bella with me (her energy levels have been obnoxiously high lately resulting in not so great doggie behavior!) which made it even harder.  It's kind of a constant reminder of how out of shape you are when your dog is barely trotting next to you, looking back at you and pulling on the leash as if to say "Seriously?  Can we not go ANY faster?!" while all the while you're gasping and panting your way through a (very short) jog around the neighborhood.

By the time we finally got into a rhythm... I was dead tired and ready to head home!  : )

It's been wonderful having Spring Break this week - I've spent lots of time crafting and writing and even doing a little house cleaning.  I'm hoping now that Spring is truly on its way... what do you think?

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Cindy Bylsma said...

I am up for a run next time you want to go.