Friday, March 12, 2010

Help me help the kitties!

Happy Friday, folks!

Do you remember the kittens I fostered last summer?  When I first found them they looked like this...

Then I started a blog (The Kitten Mama) about my journey as a kitten foster... you can find it HERE.

At 10 weeks old they were ready for adoption, and Spock, Magnus (now Ozzy), Tabitha and Napoleon (now Mac & Cheese)  went to wonderful homes...

One kitten, Spock, went to live with my parents.  Here he is today (on the right) with his new big brother Felix...

We also rescued a little kitten from the streets (technically, she was under the hood of a car!) this summer and fostered her as well.  Her name was Buick.  She also got adopted into her forever home...

And of course you know that Travis and I have two wonderful, goofy big kittens of our own, Oliver and Beyonce...

You see I've always loved cats - and grew up with them as pets.  It wasn't until I fostered the kittens this summer that I realized the cat overpopulation problem we're dealing with nationally - and the plights of feral, stray and semi-friendly cats that are living on the streets.

Carol's Ferals, a non-profit organization here in Grand Rapids, provided me with resources to foster these kittens - and in turn I accepted a position on their board of directors.  I feel privileged to assist this organization grow and expand its efforts to provide T-N-R services, and to place friendly cats in permanent homes.  You can visit their website HERE.

T-N-R stands for Trap, Neuter, Return, and is the humane solution to cat overpopulation.  Essentially, our organization spay/neuters feral and stray cats to ensure that they do not continue to reproduce.  Cats are given shots and medical treatment if necessary, then released back to their colony - hopefully under the care of a human who is willing to provide food and shelters to these outdoor cats.  The cats can live out the rest of their lives safely, disease free, and without bringing more kittens into the world.

Since our organization is run entirely by volunteers, I am leading the charge in fundraising efforts right now.  Back in the fall, we used Facebook to successfully launch and complete our $500 / 500 Campaign.  In one month we were able to raise $500 and reach 500 members on our Facebook Cause page.  It was a great achievement!

Now we're trying to do it again.  We launched the $1,000 / 1,000 Campaign this week - with a goal to raise $1,000 and reach 1,000 members on our Cause page.  And I'm asking you for your help!

If you're a Facebook user... head HERE to visit our Cause page.  You can join the Cause to receive updates and help us reach our member goal, or make a donation to support our work!  You can also read more about the campaign in my blog post for the organization HERE.

Thank you so much for your support!!  Together we can curb the feline overpopulation, better the lives of stray and feral cats, and find loving homes for friendly babies such as these...





(All of these cats are currently in our adoption program and looking for homes - do let me know if you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting one of them!)

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