Thursday, September 10, 2009

The semester has begun!

Classes started this week and I'm already looking forward to having a bit more routine in my life. I will have two classes a week this semester, one each on Monday and Tuesday nights from 6-9pm. I started my Tuesday night class this week and will start the Monday one next week (no classes on Monday of this week due to Labor Day)

Only trouble is... my Tuesday night class is a STATISTICS class. It's official title is Analytical Methods, but here's the book... YIKES! It's a core class for my program, so there's no getting out of it!

I should explain that I am not a math person in any way, shape, or form. I struggled with math in high school and the (very) little I had to take in my undergrad. I DID take AP Statistics in high school, you know, ten years ago. I think I scraped by with a B. I remember nothing.

Now my professor seems very nice. He says he understands that we're not mathematicians and that we're not all going to apply this to our jobs. He claims that the emphasis will be on the process and application rather than the numbers themselves. We'll see!

Wish me luck! My first semester back just may be my toughest one yet!

PS) You'll be proud to hear that I'm heading to a coffee shop sans computer later this afternoon to get a couple hours of un-distracted studying in. How's that for focus? Oh, and I bought my calculator yesterday so I'm all ready to get started! I think the truth of it that my love of shopping motivated me to buy the calculator rather than my willingness to get studying - but let's keep that between you and I! : )

PPS) Happy Thursday! Hurrah for short weeks!


rachel said...

Yeah!! Best wishes as a student again :)

themathprof said...

You'll need all the help that you can get with Stat. Try math911 ( The software has one chapter devoted to Statistics.