Monday, April 6, 2009

Alison's Bachelorette Party

I know, I know -- it's been awhile! I have lots of thoughts to share with you, and will do so throughout the week ahead, but today I want to share some stories and photos from Alison's Bachelorette Party that I hosted this past weekend.

We were picked up by a limo in the morning - it was really nice! We enjoyed mimosas on our way to our first location.

Our first stop was a paint your own pottery studio. We each painted a dessert plate for Alison - and she will get to keep the set! We used a color theme of her choice and then painted whatever design we wanted to. I loved doing this!

Our next stop was lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Dundee. Alison and I enjoyed some pomegranate margaritas - yum!

We then made a salon stop. We were late for our appointments so that was a little bit of drama, but at least Alison and her mom got to have some mother-daughter bonding over manicures.

After that, we headed back to Tecumseh for a wine tasting at Pentamere Winery. It was so much fun, and we learned so much about wine! I left the place with four bottles of wine, of course!

For dinner we boarded the Blissfield Dinner Train for dinner and a murder mystery comedy show. It was definitely a unique experience.

Then it was out to Ann Arbor to the Cavern Club - a three story bar. Although it was DEAD when we first got there, we got the party started right and spent most of the night dancing away!

Overall - it was a great day! It was a lot of work, organizing, and planning, but it was well worth it to make sure that Alison enjoyed her "last night of freedom!"


Alison said...

Look at me bustin' a move - I look ridiculous!

Joanne said...

Girl you look FABULOUS! : )