Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our First Home!

I realized that I hadn't yet shared the good news regarding our house. It all happened so fast, it's been such a whirlwind few weeks! We closed on the house September 26 and moved in this past weekend. It's amazing how much more at home and settled I feel in this house - it's far different to any apartment I have ever lived in. Despite unpacked boxes and "stuff" littering every surface imaginable - it still feels like home. My parents came out to help us move, which was incredibly helpful! My Dad's "we're not stopping until we're done" attitude allowed us to get more moved and set-up than I could have ever imagined! Cindy, Dustin, and Caleb (our new neighbors!) came over on Saturday morning to bring us some much-needed java and yummies - it was so sweet of them. We're really happy and lucky to have them so close by! It's going to take some time to get everything in its place, and I plan on starting to paint by the end of this week. We're planning a housewarming party for November 1 - so mark your calendars! Invitations will be in the mail soon!

Here are a few pictures from moving weekend...


The dining room, empty

The kitchen, also empty

641 Giddings SE!

Cindy and Caleb with our breakfast goodies!


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msuadamc said...

Congratulations!! Now, get ready for all of the hard work... =)