Sunday, October 19, 2008

Den = DONE!

The third bedroom is downstairs, and we're using it as a den. We have a futon in there so it can be adapted to be a third bedroom if we have lots of guests coming to stay at the same time. Originally, this room was bright yellow. It was a pretty color - it's actually what I'm looking at for the kitchen - but it wasn't what we had in mind for the room. The den is a lot smaller than the dining room with a lot less woodwork to negotiate around, so the entire process was a lot easier. It still needs curtains, an area rug (are you counting how many rugs we're going to need to purchase? Dang!) and some more artwork - but for the most part it is finished. It's actually a very "zen" room, and will be a great space for me to work from home in (which I get to do every Friday now - yippee!)




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