Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adventures in Dining

Dining ROOM that is.

So the first room we decided to tackle was the dining room. My theory was that the dining room would be one of the easiest to paint since it didn't have as many nooks and crannies as some of the others. WRONG! We discovered that not only painting around the trim (and the beamed ceiling!) was a challenge - but that finding the appropriate color was difficult as well! We essentially spent most of our weekend either up on ladders or at Lowes.

The dining room was a mustardy yellow to begin with... this picture doesn't show how dark and yucky it was...

Then we primed it...

Then we painted... and it turned out an ugly ash-grey (photos don't do this justice!)

So of course (much to Travis's dismay!) I decided we HAD to re-do it...

The color second time around was PERFECT!

Yes, that is one of our kitty's sitting on the table. We don't have frames and shelves up yet - and again, photos don't accurately represent the color or do the room justice. I'll post a 100% finished product photo soon!

People have told me that some of the worst fights between married couples happen during home improvement projects. So far - it's not the case with us! I was proud of how calm we remained throughout the process, and our ability to laugh at our mistakes! Hopefully we can keep that same lightheartedness as we move forward. The downstairs bedroom is this weekend's project! Wish us luck!

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Ashley said...

Looks good!! MIss you girl!! can't wait to see more pictures!!