Thursday, October 23, 2008


So I'm feeling completely unorganized right now - like my to-do's are just sitting on piles and lists at work and at home with nothing getting done. I was proud of myself to FINALLY get invitations out to our Housewarming Party yesterday, when it dawned on me (as I was putting them into the mailbox) that the party is NEXT WEEKEND! I mean, Travis and I have been talking about it for a long time, and I think we've had the opportunity to chat with most of you about it, so I hope that a week's notice isn't too little for most of you! In case you haven't received your invite yet (and chances are that you haven't, since I didn't mail them until yesterday!) the party will be Saturday November 1 from 6-9pm at our home located at 641 Giddings Ave SE in Grand Rapids. Everyone is welcome, kids too! We'll have food and drink readily available, and dress warmly because we'll have a fire-pit going later in the evening. It's short notice, yes, but we'd truly love to see you all and share our new home with you!

That being said, I have lots to do before you all come through the house! I told Travis last night I wanted to get another two rooms done before the party and he looked at me like I was CRAZY. We'll see how we do!

In other news, I've been struggling with some kind of allergies, congestion, sinus something or other for the past few weeks - and have just been feeling tired and under-the-weather in general. So it's off to the doctor for me today to see what I can find out. I've never had allergies before but I'm thinking maybe the change in pollens and dusts from the apartment to our house may have something to do with it? Guess that means I'll have to dust more - GREAT! : )

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