Thursday, February 4, 2010

The "Looking Forward to..." List

In both high school and college, when I was bored in class, and tired, stressed, and ready for a break.  I would doodle lists in the back of my notebook or planner.  I would countdown the days until fun events, vacations, holidays, etc... as if to convince myself that they really were going to get here... and that school would be over, or at least on a break, soon enough.

As I've mentioned about a million times... I really hate this time of year.  Grey skies and wintery colds seem like they are never-ending.  So... here's my adult-life countdown to the things I'm looking forward to...

Impromptu Girls Night!  (1 day to go!)
Superbowl Party with Heather, Anthony, and Lily!  (3 days to go!)
My parents coming to visit (and dinner at Bombay Cuisine)!  (15 days to go!)

South Haven weekend at the condo celebrating belated birthday's for Trav and Kristen, and an early birthday for Heather (29 days to go!)

VEGAS!  (67 days to go!)

What are YOU looking forward to in the next few months?!


angelina la dawn said...

i only wish i was looking forward to eating at bombay! we have no indian food here and it's a hard adjustment to make :(

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I'm looking forward to Valentines and my birthday! :D

Susan said...

Aruba...103 days!!!