Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catch Up!

It feels like I've been absent from this blog for waaaay longer than five days!  Maybe it's because I've been thinking about it so much!  I have been doing that, you see, been thinking about this blog.  A lot.  I continue to be sooo displeased with it!  I've started several posts over the past two weeks and just abandoned them... my ides for weekly themed posts have gone out the window... and to be honest not a lot has been going on for me to write about.  I'm so uninspired!

Travis and I were talking about this blog a few weeks ago while we were out to dinner.  I was griping about how unsatisfied I am with it... and he made an interesting point:  "You're good at writing, you're funny and interesting to read, so just forget about everything else and go with that."  Okay, this was three weeks ago and I can't remember exactly what he said... but it was certainly something along those lines.  And the part that got me even more is that even though I live with the man, and he knows everything and more about what I post here, he still keeps up with the blog because he likes hearing me tell our stories from my perspective.

So that got me thinking.  The reason I'm struggling so much with this blog is because of all the effort I'm putting into my craft blog... and how easily that comes to me.  You see, it's not difficult for me to write that blog.  I'm an artsy person, I'm a Stampin' Up demonstrator, I've been teaching arts and crafts classes for years now.  I almost always have projects going on that I can post about, and that I enjoy sharing.  I'm so organized with that blog, and have such a wonderful core group of readers... I even have a weekly schedule that I keep to keep my posts organized and planned ahead (so unlike me to be anal retentive like that, I know!)

When I started this blog about a year and a half ago I didn't have an agenda, I didn't have a theme, and I had fun!  The more I learned about blogging though, the more amazing blogs I found with great, witty writing and interesting information and fabulous projects and thousands or readers...the more it grew to be a little intimidating.  What I'm realizing is, though, that although my life may not always be witty, fabulous, or even interesting... it's my life.  And I like my life!

So I'm not going to worry about who's reading and who's not, and how often I post and how often I don't.  It's part catharsis, part journaling, part connecting with friends old and new, and 100% Joanne.  Is that okay with you?  I think I'm good with this!  : )

Now with all ramblings aside... I figure if I'm going to be a better blogger so to speak, I should catch you up with a little bit of what's been going on around here...

We (Heather, Lily, Mariah and I) had an impromptu shopping afternoon... we bought shoes for Lily (seriously... baby shoes could possibly be one of the cutest things ever!) ate gourmet at the food court, and picked out some new (very brightly colored!) school duds for Mariah.  She's pretty hip you know...


And it looks like Lily is following in her sister's footsteps...

We celebrated Valentines quietly this year with homemade breakfast at home (monkey bread - yum!) and Travis' delicious pasta for dinner.  Travis got me beautiful roses, a daffodil plant (think Spring, think Spring!) and a massage gift certificate.  He's such a good man.




The one thing we did do was go to the Hot Tub Gardens in the afternoon.  Do you have a place like that near you?  We went for an hour and relaxed in an outdoor tub surrounded by evergreens with an outdoor fireplace and our own sound system.  It was fun and different... you should totally try it!  Very relaxing.

We actually have quite a lot of fun things coming up... we're especially looking forward to heading out to South Haven for a weekend with friends soon.  It will be nice to get out of town and have a change in scenery!  Right now I have a massive assignment due in class tomorrow night that I need to get to.  I've had weeks to work on it, and even set aside the entire day today to work on it.
I have yet to start.


Maybe I just need to accept the fact that I'm a procrastinator?  Some things may never change!  Until next time... wish us luck!  : )

(Beyonce is pretty supportive when it comes to homework... as you can see!)

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Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I think personal blogs unravel just as our lives do...sometimes we have so much to say and sometimes we are just busy living. I think your blog is great and if you just keep on doing your thing (which seems pretty awesome to me) it will fall into place for you, where you feel just-right about everything.