Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Official! Vegas, HERE WE COME!

For (what seems like a) long time now, we've been planning a trip to Vegas.  And by "we" I mean myself and Travis, our friend Tim and his girlfriend Terri, and our two brothers, Will and Tyler.  I've never been to Vegas, and Travis has only been once when he was really little... so it's essentially our first trip.  We're REALLY excited!

We officially booked out flights last week - so we can start the rest of the planning!  We're getting a great deal at the Marriot Grand Chateau Vacation Villas, which are right next door to the Planet Hollywood complex on the strip.  We're getting a suite that sleeps all six of us - which is going to be a blast!

Tim and Terri will be coming from DC, Trav and I obviously from MI, my brother Will is in Austin, TX, and although Tyler is in Texas right now, he will most likely have moved (who knows where!) by then.  My point is that we all live far away from each other, so this trip is going to be a get together of epic proportions!

There will sure to be lots of quotations from "The Hangover" along the ways...

We fly out May 14 and return May 17 (Friday-Monday) and I'm already unbelievably excited!  So, friends who have been to Vegas, share your tips, recommendations and must-do's!  I can't wait to hear!


Katie said...

Woohoo! Sounds like fun!

Adam Kendall said...

I'll be in Vegas March 1st - 3rd. Unfortunately, it's for work. This will be my fifth trip, so if you have any questions - let me know. Have fun!