Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Lineup

I was never a huge TV fan. I mean, as a child I had obsessions with various children's shows and movies that I had to watch over and over again on repeat - but in high school and college I really didn't watch that much.

Nowadays I am a bit of a sucker for winding down from the day on the couch in front of the tube. Maybe it's because I'm getting older? Who knows. Nonetheless - I have been VERY glad to move on from the *crap* that is summer television (which makes sense - we SHOULD be outdoors doing super fun summery things rather than indoors in front of the telly) and embrace this years' fall lineup.

If I may say so - I don't think I've EVER been this enthused about a television schedule! Here are a few of my faves...

I can't miss...

THE OFFICE - Funniest show on earth. Seriously. We're just a little obsessed. Trav and I have seen every single episode, and have been known to throw "season premiere" parties involving putting objects in jello.

GLEE - I loved the preview they did of this show back in the spring but love it even more now it's in a full season. Not only is it very cleverly written while tackling some controversial topics, it has GREAT music. AND... takes me back to my high school show choir and theatre days a bit!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE - I'm such a sucker for this show. I know it's a little cheesy - but it really has brought dance to the attention of the public. Plus, there's some really GREAT performances on this show. Love. (side note - Trav HATES this show!)

A new show I am enjoying is...

COMMUNITY - This show is in similar style to The Office and while it took me a couple of episodes to get warmed up to it - it's really pretty laugh out loud funny. Plays on stereotypes that just make you giggle.

My reality show guilty pleasures are...

REAL WORLD ROAD RULES CHALLENGE - THE RUINS - Oh MTV, what ridiculous-ness you put on TV. And yet I still watch you. My college years are long gone but still I watch the drama unfold on The Real World and all The Challenge shows. Mind-numbing TV at its best...

SURVIVOR - I have no idea what season this is, where the survivor's are, or any other relevant info. BUT - it's all pretty much the same from season to season isn't it? And I still watch it.

TOOL ACADEMY - Oh I am so embarrassed to admit that I watch this. But it's funny. Stupid and funny. Watch it when you need to make fun of someone. Seriously.

AMAZING RACE - I like to think that this isn't as cheesy as most reality TV. I honestly enjoy seeing the cities they travel to all over the world. And the drama... : )

I know these guys are on too, and getting rave reviews, but I haven't had time to see them yet...

HOUSE - Travis and I are late bloomers to this show. We just started getting interested last year with all the re-runs. We really need to rent it and watch from the beginning. I haven't caught a single episode yet this fall.

LIE TO ME - This show is sweet. We watched it last season, but I have no idea what day it's on this fall?

GREY'S ANATOMY - I'm about 53 seasons behind on this show. Okay not really - but I'm pretty sure last time I watched Izzy's old man boyfriend was dying and she was crying in a prom dress. Now I hear that George is dead and Callie is a lesbian? Dang - I have a lot of catching up to do if I'm ever going to get into this show again!

Phew! That's a lot of TV. I swear I'm not really a couch potato!

So what did I miss? What shows do YOU plan your schedule around? And what shows are you embarrassed to admit that you watch? DO TELL!


Katie Faye said...

Yay for The Office and House!! I am also a humongous Lost fan, but I have to wait until January for the SERIES premiere. Yowza!

My other "can't miss" show this season is Dexter (on Showtime). We started that one by renting the DVDs of season 1, and MAN. We were hooked!

Cindy Bylsma said...

Lie to Med is on Mondays after House.

Beth said...

We got hooked on The Office this summer and loooooove it! We bought all the seasons on DVD because we couldn't get enough. We also love Grey's and Lost, and watch House when we can. I'm guilty of end-of-the-day vegging in front of the tube too. ;)

Oh, and Joe absolutely hates SYTYCD too. He thinks it's absurd that a dance can make the judges cry. Hehe!