Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bella Update

I'm not the only one having a rough couple of weeks. Poor ol' Bella is having a hard time as well. Bella had been diagnosed with food allergies of some description a while back, and has to eat limited ingredient food otherwise her stool is... well... you can imagine, and she would get ear infections all the time.

When we first changed her over to this new, special (expensive!) food she was doing really well, but not so much any more. She experienced some hair loss and bald patches at the end of the summer and in the last few weeks she has been itching herself a lot and is currently on drops for yet another ear infection.

A couple of days ago after noticing her licking and itching at her paws and toes a lot we were alarmed to discover a lot of soreness, raw skin, blood, and general mess in between her toes. Almost like athletes foot but yuckier. Poor baby! The vet had us clean in between her toes (can you imagine how easy this was?!) and put some neosporin on them.

Her feet are looking a lot better, and she's heading to the vet this afternoon to see what the deal is. Hopefully we can figure out something more specific in regards to her allergies and help her feel a little bit better.

Poor Bella-boo! We love you puppy!


Travis said...

oh bella-fo-fella the big dig della, how you can make us crazy and happy all within at 15 minute window. nice picture by the way.

AVinNYC said...

Aww- poor puppy!