Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mackinac Island Trip - Part 2

Note... I mentioned to Travis last night that I had posted to the blog some photos from Mackinac to which he replied "I know." When I replied "Oh, so do you read the blog every day?" his immediate response was "Well I check it, but there's never anything new!" Ouch. He's so right! I promise to do better moving forward! So without further ado...


To say that we woke up to a hazy morning was a huge understatement. We had planned on renting bikes and riding around the island - but it didn't seem worth it when we couldn't see much at all!

After breakfasting at the hotel the haze began to lift and we made our way about town exploring and learning more about the history of the island...

It wasn't long before we couldn't resist the temptation any longer and just HAD to make a fudge stop. We got just a little taste of maple-pecan from Ryba's. Yum!

Although the Mackinac Island lilac festival had been the week prior to our trip, the lilacs were still blooming and plentiful. The smell was just beautiful! (seeing them all made me think of you, Heather!)

After a lunch break we took a walk partway around the island to Arch Rock. It was a hefty climb (yikes - I need to get into shape!) but the views were well worth it!

Next up was some putt putt. We have a little bit of history with putt putt courses in Northern Michigan (Pirates Cove in Traverse City, anyone?!) and it turned out that our resort had a course. Actually, they stress that it is an "Executive Putting Green" and not a putt putt course. But you know, it's all the same to me! The course has a restaurant on site so we could grab drinks and take them with us as we putted. I channeled the Caribbean with a pina colada!

Travis won, which was okay, because the sun finally came out! After golfing we lounged in some Adirondack chairs and observed a wedding that was taking place - made me think of OUR beautiful outside wedding last year (and yes, I still have the sentimental one-year of marriage post heading your way soon...)

We headed back to our room to change, and then hoofed it back into town to catch a carriage shuttle to The Woods restaurant. Owned by the Grand Hotel, it's set in the middle of the island in the middle of... you guessed it... woods! It was a beautiful, romantic ambiance with great food!

I ordered whitefish AGAIN, which was ironic considering I'm not a huge fish fan in general. But it was delicious! Travis had spicy beef goulash which was also yummy. We ended the meal with a vanilla bean cheesecake with a raspberry mint sauce (so good!) then grabbed a carriage back to the hotel.

Day three on Mackinac Island coming tomorrow!


Alison said...
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Alison said...

You cut your hair again! It looks very cute! Is this a nostalgic cut going back to the honeymoon? ;-)

AVinNYC said...

Awww- what a great trip! Thanks for all the great food pics- I love those!

Joanne said...

Alison - kind of! Funny timing, huh? Although I think it's going to turn into a summer tradition!

Abby - seriously, it's like the running joke among my family members that I always take photos of the food - but I feel like it's as much a part of your memories of a trip as anything else! Plus, it can be so pretty!