Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How did it get to be June already???

I mean - wow! Time flies!

This is my last week with the YMCA, with Saturday being the dance recital and my last official commitment and Arts & Humanities Specialist. It's been an interesting ride for the past few years, and I leave my position there with equal parts sadness and relief.

I was smart enough to get a bunch of time-consuming loose ends tied up last week (not that there aren't more to come...) so that this week has been pretty calm all things considered, and I'm beginning to have the time to reflect on my time at the Y, my career aspirations, and life in general.

I haven't spent my evenings at the Y this week because I'll be spending so much time there Friday and Saturday - this has resulted in me working normal eight hour days, 8-4 or 9-5 and heading HOME FOR THE DAY at the end of them. I can't even explain to you what a strange change of pace that is. Is this what normal people do? : ) I've been killing myself working two jobs for years when I could have three or four hours of free-time to do with as I please in an evening? No kidding!

I'm not being negative - because you all know how much I love the Y and how hard it was to give up. But boy, do I have big plans for my new found free time!

And don't think that I'm going to idle it away on the couch either (although it's nice to have that option from time to time!) because I have so many more things I want to do. I've already got art teaching gigs lined up for summer and fall, Travis and I recently became captains of our block and I'm actively serving on various committees for the Eastown Community Association.

I'm learning to garden, too. Slowly... : )

In general it's just a great time to reflect back on how far I've come over the past years, and everything I've done. In just a couple of weeks Travis and I will head to Mackinac Island for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary. OUR ANNIVERSARY! Our first year of marriage is already almost wrapped up!

I'm really just very thankful. I'm so lucky to have all that I do.


Travis said...

Now you can clean the house, walk the dog, make dinner, exercise, relax, craft, but most important have time to spend with your most wonderful husband.

Joanne said...

I feel like I should focus on the last four... :) Let's not get crazy now!

Kellie said...

First, I'm so happy your show at the Y went so well!! The costumes were adorable. Secondly, I think your trip to Makinaw is much deserved not only because it’s your anniversary but because you’ve been such a busy woman. I've never been there so you will have to let me know how it is! Thirdly, I've been waiting all my life for a new post!! I can't wait to see your finished back yard :)

Joanne said...

You're the cutest! I promise to post tonight - backyard photos included! Yeah!