Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Landscaping Day 2

Look at my cute little patio! Just enough room for a table and chairs and a grill, and lots of leftover room in the yard for grass for Bella. Yeah!

Next up... new fence! Coming this way over the weekend...


AVinNYC said...

Really? Fish tacos? Man, I am definitely missing out on something. :)

Also, I wanted to tell you that a) the new look of Ready.Set.Craft is awesome and b) the gnocchi looked delish! I wasn't able to leave a comment, so I thought I'd put that over here!

Have a great weekend!

AVinNYC said...

I don't know. When I click on the "0 comments" on your post, it takes me to the "post a comment" link... but when I click on it, nothing happens. Is a dialogue box supposed to open?

And if you post about fish tacos, I promise I will try to make them (or at least have my BF try to make them, since I've never cooked fish)... :)